Our School

Our Vision and Mission

We endeavour to foster a Christ centred, community where our Catholic heritage is acknowledged.

At St. Patrick’s we endeavour to foster a Christ centered, family oriented faith community for our children, where our Catholic heritage is acknowledged, nurtured and celebrated within our contemporary world. We strongly believe that children need a sense of place, to know where we have been, where we are and where we
will be tomorrow.

Learning for life is important and we have high expectations for all children and staff.

At St Patrick’s learning for life is important and we have high expectations for all children and staff. We celebrate achievement and affirm and encourage risk taking. Differences are accepted, valued and celebrated. Excellence is pursued and challenges met through a balanced, thinking curriculum. Children are encouraged to
pursue their gifts and talents and acknowledge those of others.

We strive to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in supporting the community.

At St Patrick’s we strive to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in supporting the community.

We are a place of reconciliation and healing and aim to create an atmosphere of love. Practices and structures within the school community reflect a genuine desire to welcome and nurture the growth and well being of all students and to provide equal opportunities for them.

We are creating a Catholic educational community where knowledge, enlightened and enlivened by faith, is shared by students, teachers and parents, in the spirit of freedom and love.

The values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are reflected in the way we act. These values distinguish the Christian identity of our Catholic School.

We provide leadership opportunities for staff, students and parents.

At St Patrick’s we provide leadership opportunities for staff, students and parents. Leadership skills are developed and fostered. We believe in encouraging the leadership roles of staff, students and parents in building strong relationships to support the mission of the school.

We promote respect for the environment as God’s creation.

At St Patrick’s we promote respect for the environment, as God’s creation. We endeavour to care for everything and everyone around us. Consequences of actions are accepted and self discipline developed as young children are nurtured.

Statement of Philosophy

The Victorian Registration Standards (Sch 2 Cl 16) (CECV Guidelines Ref 1.4) requires

that all schools must have a clear statement of philosophy.

At St Patrick’s Primary School we are committed to:

  • Offering our students the best education possible, and allowing each student to realise their full potential
  • Offering the best academic environment possible. To do this, we support each student’s learning and ensure that each student can learn in an environment free from bullying, harassment, and undue distraction
  • Caring for each student’s emotional and pastoral needs. To do this, we have a pastoral care framework and provide support such as education on resilience and mental health
  • Allowing each student to achieve in areas of their own interest. To do this, we accommodate each student’s interests, allowing them to balance curricular and extra-curricular activities, and encourage them to pursue their interests
  • Fostering leadership in all of our students. To achieve this, we have programs and activities which encourage each student to lead among their peers
  • Allowing each student to live a healthy and active lifestyle. To do this, we provide education on a healthy lifestyle, and encourage sporting and other recreational activities

Our philosophy is enacted through our teaching and care for students. Our hilosophy guides our teaching, strategic plans and governance decisions.

School Governance and Democratic Principles

The Victorian Registration Standards (Sch 2 Cl 1) and (Sch 7 Cl 2) (CECV Guidelines Ref 1.1) require that the programs and teaching at St Patrick’s must support and promote the principles and practice of Australian Democracy.

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is committed to democratic principles of Australia including:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The values of openness and tolerance

Strategic Plan

To address the teaching and learning of 100% of our students 100% of the time by ensuring a high level of student engagement and targeted explicit teaching leading to high student outcomes. We will work towards developing expert teachers who will ensure students achieve targeted outcomes. We will promote a curriculum that meets the particular learning needs of our school community and plan a curriculum which has entitlement for all.


Communication between home and school is vital to support your child in their learning. Our staff value, first and foremost, face to face and/or phone conversations as an effective way of communicating with you about your child. However, we understand that email is a valuable communication tool and therefore email is available as another possible way for parents to communicate with their child’s teacher/s.


The newsletter is emailed to families each week and it is also available on the school app. This is an important mode of communication between home and school and keeps families informed of all school information and events.

Whole School Assembly

Whole school assembly is held weekly. Parents and family members are welcome to attend. Assembly is an opportunity to inform the school community of upcoming events and showcase student learning.

Emergency Information

In case of accident or illness the school needs to be able to contact parents immediately. It is important that parents notify the school of any changes or updates to their contact details via CareMonkey and the School Office.

General Information

School Hours – 8.50am – 3.10pm


If your child is absent from school we require that the school is informed as this is a legal obligation. This can be completed via the school app or a phone call to the School Office on the morning of the absence.

Signing In and Out

If you are dropping your child off late or collecting him/her early you must visit the office and fill in the Sign In / Sign Out Register. A written note is required if children are to travel home with anyone other than their parents.


Parents can enter the school via the O’Shannessy Street entrance or the The Avenue entrance. Parking is available for those who wish to come into the school otherwise we ask that you please follow the directions and drop off or pick up your children in an orderly manner. The carpark is clearly signed and it is essential for the safety of our students that parents respect these signs. The staff carpark is not for dropping off or collecting children.

After school care

After school care is available within the school grounds through Camp Australia. After school care session times include morning, afternoon and school holidays by appointment. Your child can be booked for this service on a permanent or temporary basis or as the need arises. Application forms are available from the office.

Clean-Air Policy – No Smoking

The Victorian Tobacco Act states that there is to be no smoking within 4 metres of the school boundary.